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The Ischia volcanic complex forms a 6 x 9 km island W of the Bay of Naples seen in this Space Shuttle image. Tectonism has influenced volcanic activity at Ischia, and its high point (the dark-colored area in the center) is a horst (raised fault block) composed of ignimbrite deposits associated with Pleistocene caldera formation. During the Holocene, a series of pumiceous tephras, tuff rings, lava domes, and lava flows were erupted. NASA Space Shuttle image ISS002-E-8200, 2001 (
Volcano Number:211030
Volcano Name:Ischia
Volcano Type:Complex
Last Eruption:1302 CE
Tectonic Setting:Subduction zone / Continental crust (> 25 km)
Pop. within 5km:18669
Pop. within 10km:20210
Pop. within 30km:383661
Pop. within 100km:5729354

Eruption Data from the Global Volcanism Program of the Smithsonian Institution
Volcano Number Volcano Name Eruption Number Activity Type Explosivity Index Max Explosivity Index Modifier Activity Area Activity Unit Start Evidence Method Start Date End Date
211030 Ischia 13363 Confirmed Eruption Selva del Napolitano, Piedmonte Potassium-Argon -7550
211030 Ischia 13364 Confirmed Eruption Zaro, Marecocco, Spiaggia degli Inglesi Magnetism -3880
211030 Ischia 13367 Confirmed Eruption Submarine SE flank (Secca d'Ischia) Radiocarbon (corrected) -3580
211030 Ischia 13368 Confirmed Eruption Cantariello Potassium-Argon -3050
211030 Ischia 13369 Confirmed Eruption Punta della Cannuccia Tephrochronology -2700
211030 Ischia 13370 Confirmed Eruption Costa Sparaina Potassium-Argon -2350
211030 Ischia 13371 Confirmed Eruption Castiglione Magnetism -1480
211030 Ischia 13372 Confirmed Eruption SE of Selva del Napolitano CaT tephra Radiocarbon (corrected) -930
211030 Ischia 13373 Confirmed Eruption Costa del Lenzuolo Tephrochronology -700
211030 Ischia 13374 Confirmed Eruption Case Balestrieri?, Cava Nocelle? Magnetism -490
211030 Ischia 13376 Confirmed Eruption Bosco dei Conti and Fondo Ferraro ? Historical Observations -470
211030 Ischia 13377 Confirmed Eruption Ischia Porto (San Pietro) Magnetism -370
211030 Ischia 13378 Confirmed Eruption Ischia Porto (Spiaggia dei Pescatori) Magnetism -200
211030 Ischia 13379 Confirmed Eruption Historical Observations -91
211030 Ischia 13380 Confirmed Eruption Historical Observations -6
211030 Ischia 13381 Confirmed Eruption 3 Near Bosco della Maddalena Cretaio Tephra Radiocarbon (corrected) 40
211030 Ischia 13382 Uncertain Eruption 69
211030 Ischia 13383 Confirmed Eruption Historical Observations 80
211030 Ischia 13388 Confirmed Eruption Historical Observations 145
211030 Ischia 13389 Confirmed Eruption Vateliero, Molara-Cava Nocelle, Rotaro Historical Observations 295
211030 Ischia 13390 Confirmed Eruption Montagnone-Moschiata area BCT tephra Radiocarbon (corrected) 540
211030 Ischia 13391 Confirmed Eruption Near Arso FiT tephra Radiocarbon (corrected) 820
211030 Ischia 13392 Confirmed Eruption FBT tephra Radiocarbon (corrected) 1290
211030 Ischia 13393 Confirmed Eruption Arso Historical Observations 1302/1/18 1302
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