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The snow-mantled Reykjanes volcanic system forms the SW tip of the Reykjanes Peninsula, where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge rises above sea level. The Reykjanes volcanic system is the westernmost of a series of four closely spaced, NE-SW-trending en echelon fissure systems that extend diagonally across the Reykjanes Peninsula. Most of the Reykjanes volcanic system is covered by Holocene lavas, and eruptions have occurred in historical time during the 13th century at several locations. Photo by Oddur Sigurdsson, 1998 (Icelandic National Energy Authority).
Volcano Number:371020
Volcano Name:Reykjanes
Volcano Type:Crater rows
Last Eruption:1831 CE
Tectonic Setting:Rift zone / Oceanic crust (< 15 km)
Pop. within 5km:13995
Pop. within 10km:13995
Pop. within 30km:15542
Pop. within 100km:192922

Eruption Data from the Global Volcanism Program of the Smithsonian Institution
Volcano Number Volcano Name Eruption Number Activity Type Explosivity Index Max Explosivity Index Modifier Activity Area Activity Unit Start Evidence Method Start Date End Date
371020 Reykjanes 12484 Confirmed Eruption 0 Thrainskjöldur Tephrochronology -8000
371020 Reykjanes 12485 Confirmed Eruption 0 Hopsnes Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -5040
371020 Reykjanes 12486 Confirmed Eruption 0 Sandfellshaed Tephrochronology -4000
371020 Reykjanes 12487 Confirmed Eruption Reykjaneshryggur R-1 tephra Tephrochronology -3800
371020 Reykjanes 12488 Confirmed Eruption 2 Reykjaneshryggur, Stampar R-2, R-3 tephras Tephrochronology -1800
371020 Reykjanes 12489 Confirmed Eruption 2 Sundhnukar Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -400
371020 Reykjanes 12490 Confirmed Eruption 0 Lambagj√° Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -200
371020 Reykjanes 12491 Confirmed Eruption Reykjaneshryggur (near Eldey) R-4 tephra Tephrochronology 920
371020 Reykjanes 12492 Confirmed Eruption 2 Reykjaneshryggur R-5 and R-6 tephras Historical Observations 1179
371020 Reykjanes 12493 Confirmed Eruption 3 ? Vatnsfellsgigur Historical Observations 1210
371020 Reykjanes 12494 Confirmed Eruption Stampar, Karlsgigur Historical Observations 1211
371020 Reykjanes 12496 Confirmed Eruption 3 Reykjaneshryggur R-8 tephra Historical Observations 1223
371020 Reykjanes 12497 Confirmed Eruption 4 Reykjaneshryggur R-9 tephra Historical Observations 1226/7/15 1227
371020 Reykjanes 12498 Confirmed Eruption 3 Reykjaneshryggur R-10 tephra Historical Observations 1231
371020 Reykjanes 12499 Confirmed Eruption 0 Reykjaneshryggur Historical Observations 1238
371020 Reykjanes 12500 Confirmed Eruption 1 Reykjaneshryggur, Arnarsetur, Illahraun Historical Observations 1240
371020 Reykjanes 12503 Confirmed Eruption 2 ? Reykjaneshryggur (near Eldeyjar Islands) Historical Observations 1583/7/15
371020 Reykjanes 12505 Confirmed Eruption 3 ^ Reykjaneshryggur (Nyey) Historical Observations 1783/5/1 1783/8/15
371020 Reykjanes 12506 Confirmed Eruption 3 Reykjaneshryggur (Eldeyjarbodi) Historical Observations 1830/3/13 1831
371020 Reykjanes 12510 Uncertain Eruption 0 Reykjaneshryggur (Eldeyjarbodi) 1966/7/2
371020 Reykjanes 19918 Uncertain Eruption 0 Reykjaneshryggur (Eldeyjarbodi) 1970/7/2
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Title Author Release Date DOI Link
S, Se and Te contents of basalts from the Reykjanes Ridge and SW Iceland Rift Zone Forrest, Allison 2017-07-01 10.1594/IEDA/100700 Details
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