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One of Japan's most noted volcanoes, Bandai-san rises above rice fields north of Lake Inawashiro. Seen from this direction, Bandai has a conical profile, but much of the north side of the volcano is missing, leaving a horseshoe-shaped caldera open to the north. This crater formed as a result of the 1888 collapse of Ko-Bandai volcano, north of the principal summit of O-Bandai, seen here. Akahani-yama (extreme right) is another Bandai stratovolcano. The forested ridge at the left foreground is part of an earlier Pleistocene debris-avalanche deposit. Photo by Lee Siebert, 1988 (Smithsonian Institution).
Volcano Number:283160
Volcano Name:Bandaisan
Volcano Type:Stratovolcano
Last Eruption:1888 CE
Tectonic Setting:Subduction zone / Continental crust (> 25 km)
Pop. within 5km:5923
Pop. within 10km:17608
Pop. within 30km:327454
Pop. within 100km:4709782

Eruption Data from the Global Volcanism Program of the Smithsonian Institution
Volcano Number Volcano Name Eruption Number Activity Type Explosivity Index Max Explosivity Index Modifier Activity Area Activity Unit Start Evidence Method Start Date End Date
283160 Bandaisan 17887 Confirmed Eruption HA-2.01 tephra Tephrochronology -7450
283160 Bandaisan 17888 Confirmed Eruption HA-1.8 tephra Tephrochronology -6350
283160 Bandaisan 17889 Confirmed Eruption HA-1.7 tephra Tephrochronology -5050
283160 Bandaisan 17890 Confirmed Eruption HA-1.6 tephra Tephrochronology -4650
283160 Bandaisan 17891 Confirmed Eruption HA-1.5 tephra Tephrochronology -3850
283160 Bandaisan 17892 Confirmed Eruption Numanotaira RE4 tephra Tephrochronology -1800
283160 Bandaisan 17893 Confirmed Eruption Numanotaira RE3 tephra Tephrochronology -550
283160 Bandaisan 17894 Confirmed Eruption 3 O-Bandai RE2 tephra Historical Observations 806
283160 Bandaisan 17895 Uncertain Eruption 1611
283160 Bandaisan 17896 Uncertain Eruption 1719
283160 Bandaisan 17897 Uncertain Eruption Mt. Hanzawa (Bandai foothills) 1767
283160 Bandaisan 17898 Confirmed Eruption 2 ? Historical Observations 1787
283160 Bandaisan 17899 Confirmed Eruption 2 Numanotaira Historical Observations 1808
283160 Bandaisan 17900 Confirmed Eruption 4 Kobandai RE1 tephra Historical Observations 1888/7/15 1888/7/15
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