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The northern of two large volcanic centers forming the wedge-shaped island of La Palma, Taburiente, is seen from the southern volcano, Cumbre Vieja. Bejenado volcano (left-center) is located in the large breached caldera of Taburiente volcano (background). Cumbre Nueva Ridge (right) was formed by a large-scale collapse. Cumbre Vieja, the southern volcano, is one of the most active in the Canaries. The elongated volcano is oriented N-S and has been the site of numerous historical eruptions. Photo by Yasuo Miyabuchi, 1997 (Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Kyushu).
Volcano Number:383010
Volcano Name:La Palma
Volcano Type:Stratovolcano(es)
Last Eruption:1971 CE
Tectonic Setting:Intraplate / Oceanic crust (< 15 km)
Pop. within 5km:442
Pop. within 10km:18506
Pop. within 30km:55922
Pop. within 100km:85416

Eruption Data from the Global Volcanism Program of the Smithsonian Institution
Volcano Number Volcano Name Eruption Number Activity Type Explosivity Index Max Explosivity Index Modifier Activity Area Activity Unit Start Evidence Method Start Date End Date
383010 La Palma 13046 Confirmed Eruption Potassium-Argon -6050
383010 La Palma 13047 Confirmed Eruption Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -4900
383010 La Palma 13048 Confirmed Eruption L'Amendrita, Birigoyo Potassium-Argon -4050
383010 La Palma 13049 Confirmed Eruption La Fajana (Volcán Fuego) Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -1320
383010 La Palma 13050 Confirmed Eruption El Fraile Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -360
383010 La Palma 13051 Confirmed Eruption Nambroque II-Malforada Radiocarbon (uncorrected) 900
383010 La Palma 13052 Confirmed Eruption 2 Tacande (Montaña Quemada) Historical Observations 1480
383010 La Palma 13053 Confirmed Eruption 2 Tahuya Historical Observations 1585/5/19 1585/8/10
383010 La Palma 13054 Confirmed Eruption 2 South flank of San Martín (Tigalate) Historical Observations 1646/10/2 1646/12/21
383010 La Palma 13055 Confirmed Eruption 2 N & S flanks of San Antonio (Fuentecaliente) Historical Observations 1677/11/17 1678/1/21
383010 La Palma 13056 Confirmed Eruption 2 El Charco Historical Observations 1712/10/9 1712/12/3
383010 La Palma 13057 Confirmed Eruption 2 ? San Juan, Llano del Banco, Hoyo Negro Historical Observations 1949/6/24 1949/7/30
383010 La Palma 13058 Confirmed Eruption 2 Teneguia Historical Observations 1971/10/26 1971/11/18
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