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Deception Island in Antarctica contains a 7-km-wide caldera flooded by the sea. A narrow passageway named Neptune’s Bellows cuts through the caldera wall to the left. Numerous vents located along the caldera ring fractures around the low, 14-km-wide island have been active during historical time. Maars produced by magma-water interaction occur across the shores of the 190-m-deep Port Foster. Photo by Juan Bastias (published in González-Ferrán, 1995).
Volcano Number:390030
Volcano Name:Deception Island
Volcano Type:Caldera
Last Eruption:1970 CE
Tectonic Setting:Intraplate / Continental crust (> 25 km)
Pop. within 5km:0
Pop. within 10km:0
Pop. within 30km:0
Pop. within 100km:0

Eruption Data from the Global Volcanism Program of the Smithsonian Institution
Volcano Number Volcano Name Eruption Number Activity Type Explosivity Index Max Explosivity Index Modifier Activity Area Activity Unit Start Evidence Method Start Date End Date
390030 Deception Island 13166 Confirmed Eruption Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -6750
390030 Deception Island 13167 Confirmed Eruption Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -3250
390030 Deception Island 13168 Confirmed Eruption Tephra layer AP-14 Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -2750
390030 Deception Island 13169 Confirmed Eruption Tephra layer AP-13 Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -1550
390030 Deception Island 13170 Confirmed Eruption Tephra layer AP-12 Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -800
390030 Deception Island 13171 Confirmed Eruption Tephra layer AP-11 Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -750
390030 Deception Island 13172 Confirmed Eruption Tephra layer AP-10 Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -700
390030 Deception Island 13173 Confirmed Eruption Tephra layer AP-9 Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -550
390030 Deception Island 13174 Confirmed Eruption Tephra layer AP-8 Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -250
390030 Deception Island 13175 Confirmed Eruption Tephra layer AP-7 Radiocarbon (uncorrected) -100
390030 Deception Island 13176 Confirmed Eruption Tephra layer AP-6 Radiocarbon (uncorrected) 100
390030 Deception Island 13177 Confirmed Eruption Tephra layer AP-5 Radiocarbon (uncorrected) 600
390030 Deception Island 13178 Confirmed Eruption Tephra layer AP-4 Radiocarbon (uncorrected) 900
390030 Deception Island 13179 Confirmed Eruption Tephra layer AP-3 Radiocarbon (uncorrected) 1200
390030 Deception Island 13180 Confirmed Eruption Tephra layer AP-2 Radiocarbon (uncorrected) 1500
390030 Deception Island 13181 Confirmed Eruption Tephra layer AP-1 Ice Core 1641
390030 Deception Island 13182 Confirmed Eruption N side caldera bay (near Telefon Bay) Historical Observations 1800
390030 Deception Island 13183 Confirmed Eruption NE side caldera bay (Pendulum Cove) Historical Observations 1827
390030 Deception Island 13187 Uncertain Eruption Crater Lake--Mt. Kirkwood area 1839
390030 Deception Island 13188 Confirmed Eruption 2 S caldera rim (flanks of Mt Kirkwood) Historical Observations 1842
390030 Deception Island 13189 Confirmed Eruption SE side of caldera bay (Kroner Lake) Tephrochronology 1871
390030 Deception Island 13191 Confirmed Eruption 3 ? SW part of island Historical Observations 1912
390030 Deception Island 13193 Confirmed Eruption 3 North side (Telefon Bay, Yelcho I) Historical Observations 1967/12/4 1967/12/7
390030 Deception Island 13194 Confirmed Eruption 3 West side of Mount Pond Historical Observations 1969/2/21 1969/3/16
390030 Deception Island 13195 Confirmed Eruption 3 NE of Telefon Bay Historical Observations 1970/8/12
390030 Deception Island 13196 Uncertain Eruption 1972/9/29 1972/9/29
390030 Deception Island 13197 Uncertain Eruption 1987/7/23
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